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Architectural Design and Building Consultancy for Remote Areas


This website contains images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons who may have passed away. 

About Us

NBC Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Organisation that has been providing Architectural Design and Building Consultancy Services since 1993. The Corporation is supported by 2 leading Kimberley Aboriginal Resource Agencies; Marra Worra Worra, located in Fitzroy Crossing and Winun Ngari located in Derby.

NBC Aboriginal Corporation undertakes work in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with particular focus on Aboriginal Communities and Remote Locations in these areas. With NBC’s Head Office in Broome, WA, we are strategically located to access the vast Kimberley and Pilbara Regions and the northern regions of the Northern Territory, to provide timely and sensitive Architectural and Building Consultancy solutions. Our supporting office in Adelaide was set-up to provide efficient access to the Central and Southern Regions of the Northern Territory, the APY Lands and other Remote Locations of South Australia. NBC Aboriginal Corporation strives to assist in successful Project Delivery and Community outcomes at every opportunity 

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